Red WarninG (not a virus)

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Mon Feb 12 23:25:37 EST 2001

At 6:15 PM -0500 2/12/01, Nate Stuart wrote:

>Nope, no re-setting neccesary, it will most likely need to be replaced
>though. Check the Bentley if you have one, or on SJM's site
>( for the pinout of the sensor (same as the 5kt/200's
>AFAIK) to be sure that it is the culprit (or just unplug it and see if the
>warning is gone).

Don't unplug that sensor and run the car for more than about 10 
minutes at standstill.

It is responsible for activating the second stage fan and if the car 
is left idling, it WILL overheat; during the winter months, the 
temperature is too cold for the A/C compressor to come on, which 
means no stage 1 fan...and in the warmer climates, the engine will 
easily outpace the stage 1 fan within 5-10 which point, 
the coolant temp will rise, and rise, and rise...until the coolant 
boils and a hose, radiator core or the cap gives.

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