Red WarninG (not a virus)

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at
Mon Feb 12 23:53:39 EST 2001

> >AFAIK) to be sure that it is the culprit (or just unplug it and see if
> >warning is gone).
> Don't unplug that sensor and run the car for more than about 10
> minutes at standstill.
> It is responsible for activating the second stage fan and if the car
> is left idling, it WILL overheat; during the winter months, the
> temperature is too cold for the A/C compressor to come on, which

Uh, I beleive the fan is controlled by the sensor in the bottom of the rad.
Not any sensor physically connected to the engine. The fan comes on only
when the rad is not radiating enough heat without assistance from some fast
moving air, or when the A/C is on. But that's just my observations from many
a make and models. Never wreched on the cooling system of the 90s. Perhaps
the 90's engine temp sensor is smart enough to know what temp the radiator
is currently at, and completely ignores the rad. sensor/switch.....


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