Red WarninG (not a virus)

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Tue Feb 13 00:26:00 EST 2001

At 11:53 PM -0500 2/12/01, Nate Stuart wrote:
>  > >AFAIK) to be sure that it is the culprit (or just unplug it and see if
>>  >warning is gone).
>>  Don't unplug that sensor and run the car for more than about 10
>>  minutes at standstill.
>>  It is responsible for activating the second stage fan and if the car
>>  is left idling, it WILL overheat; during the winter months, the
>>  temperature is too cold for the A/C compressor to come on, which
>Uh, I beleive the fan is controlled by the sensor in the bottom of the rad.
>Not any sensor physically connected to the engine.

Hmm, you might be right about the separate sensor in the bottom of 
the I can't remember.  And the Bently manuals are in 
the car, outside(25 degrees :-)

Also, I assumed we were talking about a type 44...sorry.

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