Audi 200 turbocharger musings...

Gerard gerard at
Tue Feb 13 11:57:53 EST 2001


I got Corky Bell's book yesterday and last Friday I picked up Probst's
book on Bosch fuel injection. So naturally I have a few questions... :)

First, does anyone have the flow chart for the K26 turbo as used on the
MC engine on the Audi 200 with the 7.8:1 CR ratio? I'm interested in
work with that as I learn more about this stuff going through Corky's
book. I want to know if I should get the uprated compressor for the K26.

Also, will the stock CIS system (K-Jetronic with Lambda valve, but no
Lambda sensor, ie. my system is always open-loop) fuel properly in stock
form is boost is pushed to 0.8 or 1.0 bar?

Sorry if this stuff has been repeated before.


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