The Audi Gods hate me

Burl Vibert blur at
Tue Feb 13 22:51:58 EST 2001

What have I done to anger them?  
First, all the wheel bearings on the 5000, then the tranny goes
on the Coupe, then the fuel leak and numerous hot start problems
on the 5000. (still chasing the last one)
Yesterday I get the last wheel bearing changed and the airplane
is no longer following me. 

 Today it springs a huge oil leak. I crawl under the car and find
a crack in the oil cooler, great, ok, I'll just loop a line back
and bypass the cooler for now.  Nope, both lines are rusted and
crack causing oil to spray everywhere when I test it out.

Too cold for the motorcycle, guess I'm bumming rides. 

Burl Vibert
1983 Audi Coupe (no reverse)
1987 Audi 5000CSTQ (behind it anyway, in a puddle of oil)

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