The Audi Gods hate me

Craig D. Niederst niederst at
Wed Feb 14 12:08:10 EST 2001

I feel that I too have not kept up with my sacrifices to the Audi Gods, and
they are taking their wrath upon me. First, the stainless steel rear muffler
fell off my '92 100S when I was about 200 miles from home. Although the
muffler itself and pipes were in perfect condition (stainless steel), all
the mounting hardware had rusted out (mild steel). With this moronic design,
I guess team doorhandle designed the exhaust. Next, my '86 CGT's clutch went
out. Got the tranny out and had it checked to see if all was OK with it, and
it turned out the problem with reverse was not clutch related. So the CGT
needed a new tranny. The CGT had also been eating front tires at a ferocious
pace lately, so I took it to my local Audi wrench for an alignment. Turns
out it needs 2 new balljoints and 2 tie rod ends. And the passenger side
door handle still needs replaced...

'92 100S (92k)
'86 CGT (195k)

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> What have I done to anger them?
> First, all the wheel bearings on the 5000, then the tranny goes
> on the Coupe, then the fuel leak and numerous hot start problems
> on the 5000. (still chasing the last one)
> Yesterday I get the last wheel bearing changed and the airplane
> is no longer following me.
>  Today it springs a huge oil leak. I crawl under the car and find
> a crack in the oil cooler, great, ok, I'll just loop a line back
> and bypass the cooler for now.  Nope, both lines are rusted and
> crack causing oil to spray everywhere when I test it out.
> Too cold for the motorcycle, guess I'm bumming rides.
> Burl Vibert
> 1983 Audi Coupe (no reverse)
> 1987 Audi 5000CSTQ (behind it anyway, in a puddle of oil)

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