Positive Diff Locking

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Thu Feb 15 06:33:54 EST 2001

You miss the point Phil.  The vacuum/pressure pump has been available for 
some time, and actually it's *less* wiring, and a single vacuum/prress line 
to the actuator, not more.  If you take the time to pull apart the vacuum 
controller and look inside, the vacuum/pressure pump is simple in comparison. 
 After wiring 2 controllers and installing them, I wish I had gone the v/p 
route myself.


Scott J
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isham-research.freeserve.co.uk at pop.freeserve.net writes:

> > The easiest way to design the diff lock actuators would have been with the
>  > vacuum/pressure pump (used in the door locks) to operate 1 side of the 
> vacuum
>  > actuator diaphram (the other side open).
>  Perhaps, but central locking was an option not present on all cars.
>  Adding a pump would have meant weight and (yet more) wiring.

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