McPherson dome in Typ 43 Audi 100 corroded..

robwill2 at robwill2 at
Thu Feb 15 23:26:20 EST 2001

Hi all,

On my Audi 100 (1978) typ 43 one of the McPherson 
strut domes (mounting points in the wheelarch) is 
corroded to some extend.
Is this repairable??
In a booklet I have over here once there were metal 
cappings available for reinforcement: they were plug-
welded over the weakened top of the dome..
Problem: these caps are no longer available while 1978 
seems too long ago :-(
I think it may not be possible to mould such a cap myself 
from sheet metal with hammer and dolly (the metal to be 
used is too thick to form it in multiple curvatures (??).
A good dome from a scrap car may be hardly possible to 
source, while these cars seem to be nearly all converted 
to iron-dust... 

Has someone a good suggestion on this?
I would really like to revive my oldie (the engine runs nice 
now (2 litre, 4-pot, carburettor) after some adjusting of 
ignition; has done 200000 km's yet!).

Bye to all,
robwill2 at

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