Owning an older 5ktq(was Audi Gods hate me)

Nick Stuart thecolony at gagames.com
Fri Feb 16 09:14:30 EST 2001

I agree with everything you said. I also had another reason for owning a
5ktq. To put to shame people who have cars that look sporty, but have
nothing to back it up with :) On my way to school today I found myself
behind a mitu. eclipse. You know, the ones with the wing bigger then then
the body?
Anyway we were both behind a slower car, so we both passed them and got up
to around 70-80mph. Anyways we went for a little while with no passing zones
at a good clip. Anyway when we came to a straight away(one that I use often
for high speed cruises) I decided to see if this guy was serious or not.
Pulled out beside, saw that he was going to try and stop me from passing, so
dropped into third (at around 70mph) and got around him no problem. Again
saw that he was going to try and keep up so continued to floor it. Started
loosing him by the time I hit 110 so I decided to bring down a notch or two.
Anyway, there were a couple of other times that he tried to pass me, but
failed miserably :) LONG LIVE THE 5000tq!
Of  course all of the passing and high speeds did take place on straight
aways (with passing zones) and with no other traffic about. Im not stupid
and dont want to hurt any innocent bystanders.
For anyone still reading, I found this to be a fun experince, but would also
like to mention that I do not drive this fast on regular occasions. Up here
in maine its hard to find anyone who is willing to go faster then 70mph so I
thought I'd have some fun with him. Only other time I've actually done this
is with a vee dub wagon thingy(cant remember the name...*brain fart*). And
that driver actaully passed me first :)

Nick Stuart
'87 5ktq (1.8 bar w.g.s.)

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