Mr. Mister

Jon Archibald JArchibald at
Fri Feb 16 14:21:54 EST 2001

I'm interested to know if anybody (Jeff G.?) have documented before/after
inlet air temps WRT installation of an IC mister? If not, I may try it just
for kicks since I already have an inlet air temp. readout. I'm sure the
results aren't drastic, but a 15-20F reduction would make it a worthwhile
mod in my view-that's 2-3 seconds extra grace period before heat soak and
presumeably a much-quicker "recovery time" for the IC. Count me in with the
boobs and moron type posts-whatever a "moron type post" is. Is that
something a moron mounts his mailbox on? 

 geeze, what a boob, not
me, that would be you, sorry, I suffer from a curious disease, no patience
for moron type post

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