Are SUV drivers a breed or race?

ccohen5 at ccohen5 at
Sat Feb 17 02:23:31 EST 2001

Ok the list is degenerating again into a social comment. If SUV 
drivers are prone to one type of behaviour, are Audi people prone 
to the same or another type? And in my innocense how come people 
who drive Kias or Polos or Yugos do not elicit reactive comment to 
their lack of stature, ego, manly testosterone or whatever?

In LA you are what you drive, or so they say. Does this apply 
anywhere else?  Such as Monaco or Frankfurt.  It does apply in 
Johannesburg and Buenos Aires I am told, what about Des Moines?

In short, if it matters, then racist behaviour is acceptable. 
Since the constution of the US ostensibly does not tolerate 
racism, we should ignore the traits that go with the car. Thats 
life methinks.

Colin x&&&&

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