Heating Oil vs Diesel

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>No, no and 100 times no.  Heating oil is devoid of many of the
>specialty chemicals that stop waxing in cold temps, prevent
>moisture from freezing and clean the injectors as well as
>lubricate the pump.  I used to operate helicopters on both instead
>of Jet A, A1 or B, and several $100,000 of overhauls as a
>consequence of both were an expensive lesson in fuel technologies.

Addition of 10 to 20% of number 1 heating oil (kerosene) at the time of 
delivery eliminates the waxing at lower temps.  The other "missing" 
additives are readily available at your FLAPS.  The kerosene is somewhat 
higher priced than the number 2 but it does indeed prevent gel formation 
and keeps the fuel liquid at low temperatures.

>But of course there is the tax difference, however the quality
>issue is such that only occasional use is warranted as it was in
>an emergency for our choppers.
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