need HELP: alternator problem

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Sat Feb 17 20:20:53 EST 2001

Hi all.
Today morning when I loaded my 200tq '89 with tools to go to fix and pick up my "new" 200tqw '89 (it has no breaks, needs MC)  the alternator warning light did not refuse go off, no charging. I had such thing before but ... a little of history: when it happened first time I cleaned blue wire contact but it did not help. I found that exciter current was less than spec. After I gave it a quick "push" from +12V (through a bulb, using connection at FL headlight) it started charging. I used this method each time it happened (not that often to address it more seriously).  But I did not know the main reason. 
Today this method did not help.  When I touched + with wire giving "push" to the alternator it started to sound like it has bad bearings. Sound disappeared in 3-4 seconds. It did it every time I touched the terminal.  I am not good in electronics. I have not idea what it might be.  I don't have a garage so method of trials and errors is a pain. I will appreciate any idea which can help me to narrow my search.

Thank you.

Konstantin Bogach
200tq '89 (jealous one)
200tqw '89 (did not see its new home yet)
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