'87 4kq: what's this hose?

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Sat Feb 17 20:59:16 EST 2001

that's the warm air plate hose.  When the intake air is cold (below 40
F?) a diverter in the inlet to the airbox swings over and the incoming
air is drawn thru that hose from a plate that is bolted to the exhaust
manifold, preheating it.  Very few still in existence on cars, all it
does is speed warm up slightly, reducing emissions and helping fuel
economy.  I put a new one on my coupe, and we just got done bolting a
new one onto Brendan's NF - which is getting uglier and uglier as more
parts get bolted on to it!

> While changing my oil today, I noticed a hose connecting two components
> fairly low in the right front of the engine compartment. It's about 2
> or 2.5" in diameter and forms a quarter-circle in a lateral plane. I
> bring this up because the hose isn't in v. good shape. What system is
> it part of, and what would be the consequences if it let go? Anyone got
> a P/N? Thanks!

Huw Powell


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