Dale Earnhardt- RIP (NAC)

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Sorry to waste the bandwidth, but I thought we should have

a moment to pay our respects to the late Dale Earnhardt. I

don't know how many people follow NASCAR on this list, but

he was one of the all-time greats in the sport and just

came off of winning the 24h of Daytona as well in the

Corvette C5-R.

I am still in shock in finding out the news about this tragedy.




Absolutely Brutal loss of one of the best American drivers of all time, I saw 
the whole thing on TV, both he and JR. were pulling block manuvers for 
Michael Waltrip the last 6 laps,
a 1/2mile from the end he was pushed from behind, a completely needless 
accident , if you can call it an accident. .it would have been chevy 
1-2-3...but thats racing I guess....He will be missed.....godspeed Dale 

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