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Brad Fletcher bfletcher0000 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 19 21:01:17 EST 2001

Evening all. New to the list I'm just starting to restore the old '87 CGT 
and have a couple of questions.
First, the engine has low km's (160,000) or about 100,000 miles. Compression 
is excellent burns no oil but the lifters are noisy. Is it worth rebuilding 
the head or will they start tapping again in a few months.
Also I went through your archives and read something about swapping in a big 
valve head but I'm I bit confused with all the engine codes. Was that to fix 
the lifter noise or for more power.
Finally, what is the Family Album. Is that what you people call the Bentley 
or is it something else.

B Fletcher
'00 A6
'95 S4
'87 CGT
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