200 TQ alternator squeal, then no output

Avi Meron avim at pacbell.net
Tue Feb 20 21:56:08 EST 2001

How about getting a new belt?

As for the bearing question, very difficult to answer it, depends on a lot
of factors:
How tight is your belt? Is it TOO tight? Not too good for the bearings!
Do you drive in wet environments, submarining?
Do you encounter a lot of snow, slush and salt?
Do you still have the cooling scoop on your bumper with the attached hose?

The problem with a failing bearings is that the only indication, (noise) is
gradual, so you "kind of" get used to the noise! Till one day you wake up
and you say what in the F$#@ is this noise.  Or your buddy comes to visit
and you give him a ride and he says what is that "god awful noise" and you
say what noise!

Did I help you any?

Take care,

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 I'm pleased to say you win the prize!  Turns out all the alt belt needed
 a good tightening. Local garage charged $5.00 (!) to do the job.  I gave
 ten. I then sprayed it with some belt dressing for good measure.  Since
 voltages(only measured by the panel meter, Avi) have held in the correct
 range and there has been no more squealing.

 Makes me wonder how long alt bearings and brushes can last and when they
will actually fail.  with 184k miles on the car.

 Big thanks to Peter B., Huw, Avi, and LL.  As usual, you guys are great!

 1989 200TQ
 1.9 bar

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> > It's the belt slipping. BTDT
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> > Not easy to tighten correctly if you look at it, particularly if the
> little
> > toothed adjusting nut is stripped (they all are).
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