Audi Spottings

Lawrence C Leung l.leung at
Wed Feb 21 09:21:33 EST 2001

2/19	Interstate 87 N	- 2000 S4 service area getting gas, Black on Black -
never realized how LOW these cars are. Owner admired my snow tires
(great...) complaining that he slides around alot. Didn't give me the
impression he really knew what a 200Q was. Probably not a lister....

2/19	IS 287 N    - Second Generation Mercyless Benz C-class, with subtle
body work, dual exhaust and AMG badges + wheels. Due to the classiness
and wheels, had to be real. Does anyone know if they normally sold these

2/20 FLAPS - 90 Sport (not Q did they have these?) Black/Black. Spoke to
the owner about Audifans and the list. Said he would check this out, and
that he was looking to buy an A4. 


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