Blau, Euro lens's and Cust. Service

Ken Keith auditude at
Thu Feb 22 13:51:57 EST 2001

Hi Rich,

I didn't get the harness, which looks pretty decent.  I like that old 
style simulated headlight bulb and plugs into the stock harness.

My 4ksq set has a hole and a socket for city lights, I believe it's 
under the main H4 bulb.  The 5kcstq set I got also have a hole and 
socket.  The 5kcstq set has somewhat of an internal wiring 
harness, with H4, H3, and city light sockets and wires, leading to a 
connector on the light assembly itself.  I was suprised that the 
corner lense area wasn't glass.  I'd never seen 5kt euros in person 
before, and had assumed the wrap-around effect was all glass like 
the 4k euros.  Since it's a separate lens, it seems like the corner 
light could almost be retained.  I don't know how much less room 
there is behind the corner light/reflector on the euros compared to 
the DOT's.

I probably wouldn't be still expecting a socket after that much time.

If you are referring to eurolights for your 4kcsq, then I think they are 
supposed to have a socket and hole for "city lights".  This would be 
different than daytime running lights.

I still haven't heard back from Jim at Blau, I left a couple messages 
to his direct voicemail box.  He was nice enough to give me a 
follow up call after the shipment, but he missed me and left a 
message, and I hadn't yet inspected the lights.  I will be patient 
and let them get back to me.  The order total was a decent 
amount, so I imagine he/they'd want to leave me with a good 

What'd y'all think of the way the bubble in the glass looks?  Am I 
being too picky?

Once again, the link to the index w/pics is:

(big, hi-res pics...)



On 22 Feb 2001, at 12:36, Rich Dauenhauer wrote:

> Ken, on related but different subject, Did you also
> order up thier "wiring adapter harness"?
> How did you Leses come equipped? I purchased a set a
> while back and per description was expecting to be
> able to run "daytime" running lights via a small
> socket
> at the bottem of these lenses. To my dismay when I
> recieved them there was small plastic plug where the
> bulb socket was supposed to be. When I called Blau
> explaining the situation they begged ignorance saying
> thier preivoius order came so equipped and they werent
> aware the this was now ommitted! They told me they
> would look into it and forward me the socket ASAP.
> That was 2 or 3 months ago.. no word yet.
> Rich
> 874KCSQ
> From: "Ken Keith" <auditude at>
> Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 08:20:30 
> Subject: Blau Hella H1/H4 eurolight flaw
> <snip>
> I bought some eurolights from Blau, and the passenger
> side 4ksq H1/H4 light has a bubble in the lens glass. 
> It makes it look chipped, but it's not.

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