Some updates -NE dyno event and front T85 spoilers...

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Thu Feb 22 21:49:43 EST 2001

Hey all -
Sorry it's been so long on these things, but I really have been trying.  
School has been keeping me busy as usual.  Here are the updates - 
I'm working on a new line with a friend who's going to be molding glass 
fenders for his cabriolet autox car.  I'll be updating the list as soon as I 
know more.  I know that there are a million of you (ok, maybe 20) who want 
these, so if we can do it we will.  They'll stay pretty cheap, I promise, or 
we won't do it.  Probably talking at or under 100$ a piece, plus shipping.  
There will be no charge for development.
Dyno event:
After talking with Alex, I think we're going to try to set the dyno event day 
for Saturday, March 16.  This is tentative.  I am working (still) on trying 
to get in touch with the cheaper, closer to me dyno, but if worse comes to 
worse, we'll drive to cape cod (sandwich) and go there (Josh Wyte, you out 
there?).  I appriciate you understanding in both of these affairs.  I hope 
that, even though it'll be a 2wd dyno run, you'll come out to see some of the 
cars, and we can have a little fun!  
Any suggestions would be appriciated, as always.

Carter Johnson
Kwattro at
1986 4000CS Quattro
1986 Coupe GT

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