head interchangeability?

Keith Lawyer wbr90 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 01:41:01 EST 2001

I recently picked up an '86 5ktq for $300!  Why so
cheap?  Supposedly the timing belt broke while
driving, and several of the valves have been damaged. 
This was all told to me by the (competent) shop to
which the previous owner took the car.  Timing belt
was replaced.  It turns over and tries real hard to
idle but just can't.  Supposedly three cylinders have
no compression, one has 50 and I'm unsure about the
last one.
  My main question is if the head from an '86 4kq will
work?  Should I look for a used head or is that
futile?  Should I just have this head rebuilt?  Not
wanting to put a whole lot of money into it, the LAST
thing I need is another vehicle to maintain but if I
can get it running reasonably inexpensively I'll do
  For those who care I took a few pics of the car:


  It's still such a beautiful car I almost feel
obligated to get it back on the road. . . plus it's
cool to have 4 Audis sitting in my driveway right now

Keith L.

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