Driveshaft lubrication?

urquattro urquattro at
Fri Feb 23 15:26:59 EST 2001

The service interval is 15K miles ... (!) and there is a Zerk fitting on the
u-joint that can be accessed if the propshaft is oriented correctly.  Given
the short service interval and reasonable inaccessibility, I would believe
this is one of the most commonly overlooked service items ... you should see
what it takes to get at the propshaft on the V8!  In point of fact it isn't
really that difficult, but it does involve removing a heat shield and I
think disconnecting the dual exhausts ... when I did this I found the
fitting weas there, and pumping the thing full of grease sure did quiet down
a loud metallic clank that I would hear when changing between forward and
reverse ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> Does anybody know standard intervals (if any) and/or procedural
> for greasing the universal joint in the quattro driveshaft? The Bentley
> to grease the U joint, but upon closer inspection it is unclear to me
> to put the grease.

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