head interchangeability?

SIMON HOLTBY sholtby at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 24 15:43:43 EST 2001


New heads are quite cheap in the UK so that is one option. If it was my
car I would remove the head and identify where the problem is. You may get
away with renewing a couple of valves (+stems+seals). On the other hand
pistons ,camshaft may be damaged.
I asked the same question as you about a year ago you may find some
replies in the archives. I think your 4k head will fit but remember the
turbo cars have sodium valves. Look in ETKA for part nos for bare heads
for both cars.

Simon Holtby

--- Keith Lawyer <wbr90 at yahoo.com> wrote: > I recently picked up an '86
5ktq for $300!  Why so
> cheap?  Supposedly the timing belt broke while
> driving, and several of the valves have been damaged. 
> This was all told to me by the (competent) shop to
> which the previous owner took the car.  Timing belt
> was replaced.  It turns over and tries real hard to
> idle but just can't.  Supposedly three cylinders have
> no compression, one has 50 and I'm unsure about the
> last one.
>   My main question is if the head from an '86 4kq will
> work?  Should I look for a used head or is that
> futile?  Should I just have this head rebuilt?  Not
> wanting to put a whole lot of money into it, the LAST
> thing I need is another vehicle to maintain but if I
> can get it running reasonably inexpensively I'll do
> it.
>   For those who care I took a few pics of the car:
> http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/wbr90?d&.intl=us&.flabel=fld9&.src=ph
>   It's still such a beautiful car I almost feel
> obligated to get it back on the road. . . plus it's
> cool to have 4 Audis sitting in my driveway right now
> :-)
> Keith L.
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