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Bleed the bleeding blakes in blis bleeding order;

1. While not specifically stated for Quattro - remove approximately one half
litre of fluid from each bleed point
2. If calipers have been removed, ensure to fill caliper with brake fluid
under pressure from bleed valve until fluid emerges from brake line fitting.
3. Use only new - unused DOT 4 brake fluid.
4. Start with brake caliper, right rear
5. then left rear
6. then right front
7. then left front
8. then re-bleed right rear and "assist bleeding process with repeated,
forceful pumping of brake pedal" - as per Bentley
9. You now have best bled blakes on bleeding car - bloody good luck eh!


Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ
Toronto, Canada

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  I changed MC today on 200tqw '89, bleeded everything thoroughly (ran thru
1 liter of fresh break fluid). I used pressure bleeding.
  Test drive revealed soft breaks.  Air?  Where?  Are there any special
methods rather than just watch coming out fluid with bubles? I mean if there
are some locked air pockets possible then how to get rid of them.  Is any
audi problem know with sympthoms resembling what I described?  Can  air  be
sucked in somewhere without fluid leak in that place?

  Thank you.

  Konstantin Bogach.
  200tq '89
  200tqw '89
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