Contemplating new exhaust for the 5ktq

Ameer Antar ameer at
Sun Feb 25 16:41:27 EST 2001

yah, but for $45 local [no shipping] I couldn't think of anything better. I 
like the way it sounds...not too noisy. I don't think 2.2L engines sound as 
good w/ really open exhaust...only v8's. I listen to music during all my 
drives. You can really only hear the exhaust when the music is relatively it's perfect for me. I plan on upgrading...not b/c of the flow 
or sound, but cuz I want a tip and cuz this one has offset outlets.


At 07:34 AM 2/25/2001 , you wrote:
>I heard the magic word!
>Turbo muffler! I would like to point out that this kind of muffler steal
>power on a turbo car. Easy to remember, one thing called turbo per exhaust.
>Of course it is better then stock and they are usually not as loud as a
>staight through design. Two freeflowing mufflers are usually better flowing
>and sounding then one turbomuffler.
>The a bend before and after the straight through muffler often does wonders
>for the sound.
>Jorgen Karlsson
>Gothenburg, Sweden.

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