Dash Light Question

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at ummhc.org
Mon Feb 26 07:48:41 EST 2001


I have had this exact same problem.... it is the control box for the dash
lights located above the glove box in the dash.  Its a small silver or black
box about 3x2x2.  Replace that and your problems will dissapear....


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Picked up the 5kcstq the other day but the Bentley
won't be here until Tuesday. Searched the archives
lots of information but not relevant to the problem
below. Looking for experience.

Dash lights come on but go out after a minute or so,
even the lights on the climate control except for the
temperature setting. If you turn them off wiggle the
light switch they will come back on but go off again.
When the car warms up and the climate control is
activated then if you turn them on they will stay on.

There are no bulbs burnt out, all exterior lights
work, the glove box light works and none of the tricks
listed in the archives seem to work.

Could it be a ground wire, bad switch, a short


Mike H
'98 A4 1.8T
'87 5kcstq

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