Upgrade time?

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at ummhc.org
Mon Feb 26 13:19:56 EST 2001


with reguards to option 1....

your cons arent all that bad or that costly...and once its running right its
a piece of cake to put in 1.8 bar spring/ecu and you will see a BIG
difference in performance.  From there its suspension/exhaust/any other wild
mods you want....

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OK, listers. Seeing all those nicer-than-mine Audis at dinner last
night has me in a shopping mood. Here's something for us to argue
over. I'm thinking of "upgrading" my '89 200 TQ.  I (irrationally)
want an Avant. Part of me wants a '91 200 20V TQ Avant, and part
of me wants a newer, trouble-free, pay-the-bank 95-96 A6 Avant.
Here's what I'm thinking:

Option 1: Fix My '89 200TQ
Pros:  It's paid for. Lot's of new parts. Runs good. Cheap to
          "put right." For ~$2,000, I get a car in "excellent" condition.
Cons: cracked windshield, dead bomb, leaking crank seal, flakey
          radio, rust on RF fender, dead RF power window.
Net:   A known quantity with an interior color I don't like.

Option 2: Trade up to a '91 200 20V TQA
Pros:  It's in excellent condition. (I'll wait to find the right one.)
          20-valve turbo I-5. What more can I say?
Cons: It'll cost $4,000-$8,000 to upgrade from my '89.
Net:    An Avant with b*lls. Quells "S6 envy".

Option 3: Trade up to a 95-96 A6 Avant
Pros:  Newer body style. Newer parts. Easier to find. Easier to
          work on? Fewer problem areas? Bank loan. More civilized.
         V6 v. I-5 20v turbo?
Cons: Automatic. More civilized. V6 v. I-5 20v turbo?  Does
          nothing for the "S6 envy". It'll cost $10,000 to $14,000 to
          upgrade from my '89.
Net:    A newer, hopefully more reliable car.

Question. What would you do?

I was leaning towards Option 3 until I saw Richard Berlin's '91 200 20v TQA
last night. In my mellow old age, I'd be happy with the V-6 Auto. I think
get myself into trouble with the 20v Turbo. But it tugs at my heart strings.

Let the arguments begin.

Kent McLean, thinking

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