Oil cooler upgrade for NA cars

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Mon Feb 26 14:13:40 EST 2001

Did not take a picture, but here is what I did, very simple.  Take the stock lines and cut the ends off with a little tubing (about 3" or so).  Use a 45degree flare and flare the tubing on the ends that you cut off.  But some high pressure fuel/oil hose (I think I used 5/8") and use some good quality clamps.  The whole upgrade could cost as little as $30 or $40.

Though I did not use "high pressure" fittings, I did not have any problems with leaking either.  If you really wanted to do it nicely, you could use -AN tube nuts on the tubing and run -AN lines too.  

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> Wow, I think I am feeling an "East coast power play" over here...anyway, I have done it, and made it fit.

We'd love to know how - did you use the stock 5k hoses or get some
made?  And if you got some made is it a process that others can

If you made the stock hoses fit, did you ever take a photo?  Cause I've
got two or three of those rigs kicking around adn it would be fun to use

Huw Powell



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