90q ign. re-keying (The Gods Must be Crazy!)

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at maine.edu
Mon Feb 26 22:53:47 EST 2001

Well, after a good couple of hours trying to get the ignition switch apart for the 90q (bought it w/o keys and needed the lock number off of the ign tumbler carrier to get a new set cut at the dealer) all I ended up with was an obliterated, now totally useless switch. Apparantly the tumbler part will not allow itself to be removed from the housing it is in unless one has the key for it to begin with.... gee that _REALLY_ helped me out... :_(

Fortunately Chris Semple gave me an extra ign when I bought the car, so I put that in, and prepared to pull apart the drivers door to re-key the lock. As I was buttoning up the dash and pulling the dash bits up off the pass. side floor I noticed there was a fricken' key tucked under the pass. floor mat, doh!?!! The Audi gods do appear have a (twisted) sense of humer after all. Someone had tucked the origional key for this car under the mat before the car went up for salvage auction, apparantly...

So now I have two keys, one for the doors and trunk, and one for the ign. I would really like to drop that down to one. So, what is the correct (non-destructive) procedure to get the tumbler assembly out of the 90's ign switch so I can re-key it?!?

Thanks for any pointers!
'89 90q
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