Project VW/4K

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Feb 27 20:42:09 EST 2001

Per Lindgren wrote:
> Kent McLean wrote:
> > Larry Newman wrote:
> > > I'm thinking of a project to mate an old style VW convertible with the
> > > Audi 4K drive train, substituting tranny, dif, drive shafts, wheels, etc
> > > to make an all wheel drive VW convertible.  Any thoughts?  Is this too
> > > crazy?
> >
> > Sounds cool, but what would you do for heat? My '65 Bug had a nice
> > little
> > footwell vent (actually, it was a rusted through floor pan) which made
> > winter driving a challenge. Heat was something that arrived in June.
> Uhh, arent he talking about a Rabbit Convertible?

I assumed that after thinking he might mean an "old style" VW, or
beetle.  Which would be cooler.  quattro rabbit, boring.  quattro
beetle, really really cool!

Huw Powell

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