Ring Any Bells?

Charles G. Alday calday at umich.edu
Wed Feb 28 07:53:33 EST 2001

I just thought I would give some follow-up.

There appears to have been two problems.

Hall Sender:  I rotated the distributor about 2 degrees counter-clockwise
and that resolved the error code.

The engine dying and blowing ECU fuse:  I had the engine running and I was
moving connectors.  When I touched the connector on the bottom of the
ignition coil the engine died and the fuse blew.  I removed the coil
assembly and cleaned-up the contacts and tightened the connectors a bit.
With a good electrical connection, the problem appears solved.

'86 5KTQ
'87 4KQ

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> Hello Everyone -
> I was driving down the road and the engine just died on my '86 5KTQ.  I
> rolled into a parking lot and it would not restart.  I checked the fuses
> #24 "engine timing" was blown.  I replaced it and it still wouldn't start
> and the fuse didn't blow again.  I towed it home and there it sat for
> 2 weeks.  I would go out and try to start it and wiggle wires, but no
> I checked the error codes - nothing.  It was outside, so I couldn't do
> I decided to make the effort to move it into the garage and had to roll it
> back.  For reasons I won't go into I hit the starter with it in gear to
> it a little - it then started.  I let it run for awhile and checked the
> error codes and got only "2113" - Hall sending unit.  I did the whole
> of it in Bentley and everything checks out.
> A couple days before this last incident the engine died right after
> home.  I pulled over and it started right back up.
> Does any of this ring a bell with anyone?  Any recommendations?
> Thanks much.
> Chuck
> '86 5KTQ
> '87 4KQ

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