Dave Hord spokes at mail.the-wire.com
Wed Feb 28 13:07:38 EST 2001


Make sure you go see the car before you sell it or, sniff, say goodbye.

I still have the licence plate frame from my Honda that a friend rolled.

I think you need to take the rings off your 4kq...or at least pull SOMETHING.


P.S...just think, having the gauge cluster on your wall would be a conversation 
piece for years, and SUCH a great family heirloom!  :-)

Quoting David Thoresen <david at epicfoto.com>:

> Heard back from my insurance co and the car is a total loss... The
> repairs
> are $3200 just to fix the body and the interior... :(
> Will let ya'll who are interested to know what the salvage is on the car
> and
> if anybody wants to buy it for that let me know.
> This was my first car, I am extremely saddened by the loss...
> '85 Ur-Q
> '85 4k-Q Goodbye my friend

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I choose to no longer live in fear.

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