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Better you than us!
And BTW, you can keep your rain, we have had ENOUGH!.....................
Glad to hear you are OK,
Take care,

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As I was standing in the parking lot after exiting the
building, I was able to observe my 4KQ reacting to the
6.8-7.0 earthquake. With the 2B coilovers 325lb rear, and
275 lb front, the car was swaying maybe an 1.0" side to
side. The Dorf Expedition that it was parked next to, had an
easy 10" side to side going. It reminded me of those
suspension testing jigs you see used by the auto
manufacturers. The rest of the twenty or so cars in the
parking lot were doing a pretty good jig too. In the
distance you could see the waves passing through the ground.
At your feet, the ground was a bit blurry - probably due to
anxiety more than anything. It was an effort to keep your
balance. It was like standing atop a bowl of jello that was
being shaken. For what seemed like alot more than 45

Not only is California getting all of the rain we are
supposed to have - we are getting their earthquakes!


Craig Lebakken
1986 4KQ
Bothell, WA - 50 miles NNE of the epicenter.

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