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Mon Jan 1 16:48:00 EST 2001

> Here's an option...

> Went down a similar road 2 years ago.  Wanted to redo the coupe's interior.
>  Purchased a 54" bolt of gray herringbone fabric (noll/knoll?) similar to
> Audi's ($89) from a commercial fabric supplier.  Stripped out the interior and
> took the seats and panels into a local automotive upholstery shop.  They
> recovered everything and even included the piping on the seats and panels,
> reused the imitation chrome stripping and rebuilt the seat cushions...$625.  If
> I had just dropped the car off, I think the price he wanted was around $2k.

Yes, very good.  Just don't fall into the trap that Malcolm Lake in the
UK fell into.  He also went to an upholsterer who said anything was
possible - he wound up with Royal Blue seats and Canary Yellow piping.

Made some people heave at ten yards.

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