Replacing Steering Rack?

Wallace White wallacewhite at
Mon Jan 1 17:08:53 EST 2001

Brent -

I think my write-up on rack replacement holds the record for length.
It's in the archives at

Hope that helps!

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 167k

The Henrys wrote:
> I have a 1988 5000CD Turbo Quattro Avant and it is leaking Pentosin at a
> quarter of a litre per week.  I have replaced the steering pump last summer
> (as it was leaking badly).  That seemed to cure the leak for a few months,
> now that the weather has turned colder (I live near Toronto)... it has
> started to leak from somewhere new!  I have had a mechanic perform some
> diagnosis and he believes that it is the rack that is leaking...  I was
> wondering if there are any detailed instructions on this procedure.  I check
> sjmautotechnik and did not find anything specific.  The Bentley has some
> good diagrams, but does not appear to detail all of the preceding steps to
> remove other items to get access to the rack.  I would really like to find a
> concise list of what needs to be removed and how-to's.
> Thanks,
> Brent.

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