87.5 GT Issues

edkellock at juno.com edkellock at juno.com
Mon Jan 1 22:06:50 EST 2001

I think it will default to "really cold".  I believe I have a problem
with this sensor right now.  My car runs very rich, noticeable by
smell and the idle speed is about 1500 rpm 99% of the time.
With the cold weather it runs like a charm, but the other
day when it was a bit warmer and I had driven it further and got
it warmed up more, after it had been parked for 30-45 minutes
(long enough to test drive a new Allroad), it nearly refused to start.
I laughed aloud since it was too classic that this happened right
after the test drive.  It sure seemed like it was getting way too 
much gas for how warm it was.

Anyway, I also have an issue when the weather is warm, the aux
cooling fan comes on way too soon.  Depending on the outside
temp, it sometimes came on when the car had no even been run 
yet that day.  I thought I might have a multi-function sensor problem
but then found a receipt that shows I replaced it a year or so ago.
Certainly not impossible that it went bad again though.

Colorado Springs

On Mon, 01 Jan 2001 19:34:23 -0500 Huw Powell <audi at mediaone.net> writes:
> > Now I've done it. I went ahead and cleaned the ISV, that went 
> fine.
> > But, when I went to check the connection for the temp sensor, the 
> plug
> > disintergrated. Is the car drivable until I replace the plug? what 
> is
> > the drivability I  should expect until I have time to fix it?
> probably pretty poopy.
> if that is the temp sensor the ECU relies on, the infinite 
> resistance it
> is seeing will cause it to either think it is really hot or really 
> cold
> (I can never remember which!)
> Look up the specs in bentley, at least substitute a resistor.  ah, 
> that
> will still be awful.
> can't you connect the lugs in the connector without the part that
> disintegrated for now?
> -- 
> Huw Powell
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