Voltage Warning Light

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Tue Jan 2 02:16:26 EST 2001

Well, I guesse I'm overdue, it's been 4 months since I've had any problems 
with my Audi.  Need some direction here.  Never had my voltage warning light 
come on before, the car starts, but the soon as i turn on my headlights the 
car either shuts off immediately  or  it slowly dies.  The interior lights 
glow dimly when running the engine, but I never got to drive the car, of 
course this happened this evening when dark.  When I tried to restart the car 
it would maybe do some quick clicking or no sound at all.  If I waited a few 
minutes it would start up slowly, though I was still stuck if I turned on the 
headlights. While checking under the hood we touched one of the distributer 
wires and got zapped, could this be causing a short or have something to do 
with my problem or am I looking at a starter/low charging battery problem. 
I've read throught the Bentley, but can't seem to get to far working in the 
dark with a flashlight, maybe during the daylight, things will work out.  
Appreciate all input!


1986 5kcst 181k 

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