Allroad test drive

Ari Palomäki ari.palomaki at
Tue Jan 2 13:04:34 EST 2001

    I had a chance to try the Allroad, TT Roadster
    and the new Multitronic A6 during one day.
    Allroad would be mine(if the cash required 
    would fall down from heaven - it's $74k USD here). 
    It has more built-in testosterone than the TT R.
    Ari Palomaki

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From: "Edward J Kellock" <ekellock at>
Subject: Allroad test drive

> I think I'm in trouble.
> I test drove an Allroad.
> I already thought it pretty appealing.
> The test drive did nothing to dissuade me.
> But, $47,000?  Yikes.  I think I'll wait a
> couple years and buy used.  How original.
> Ed
> Colorado Springs

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