Hood shocks- type 44

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Jan 2 21:04:07 EST 2001

It's an easy replacement.  Pull off a sort of circlip retainer on the pin 
holding the rod to the hood and remove a similar keeper from the stud on 
the fender.  Then you can slide the pin out of the hood end and take the 
shock off the stud on the fender.  Let me know what ends up being your 
cheapest source because the hood struts on my wife's '90 V8 don't hold up 
the hood any longer if there's any ice/snow on it.  I tried using struts 
from my 5K parts car, which were slightly harder to depress by hand, but 
they really don't help much.  So I guess I need some new ones.

At 06:39 PM 01/02/2001 -0500, TM wrote:

>Hi listers,
>Can anyone tell me if he/she has BTDT w/ regard
>to replacing these shocks? Is it difficult to do?
>Any special tools needed? A good source for the parts?
>My 200q, I found out today, needs new hood shocks. I
>was going to either order them from Blau or from
>TPC, unless I can find someone cheaper. I guess I'll
>call GPR as well.

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