'77 Audi Fox Turbo

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<< Improved Touring cars(SCCA ITS-E) cannot change brakes - just lines and
 pads.  Wonder how on earth they stop?  (hint, good fluid and good pads will
 fix a LOT of problems).  People can race 2200+ pound cars with stock brakes
 all day long - but yours cannot stop from 100?

My GT, about this weight, with stock brakes, and a bad motor, had problems 
after several laps, although I used the brakes quite sparingly - you have to, 
if you drive a 2300lb car with lots o suspension and little o horsepower.  
However, at the Glen, in the chute - downhill, hard on the brakes from 100 
mph to 60 or so, they started to fade.  I run Ate rotors, super blue, and 
Pagid pads - a very nice setup.  I'll be swiching to the 2Bennett Big Reds - 
because of the fade resistance, the additional stopping capacity, the ease of 
changing pads, and I'll never have to touch the brakes again.  Pad life will 
be dramatically increased, as will fluid life, I would expect...


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