Mobil 1

Stephen Bigelow sbigelow at
Wed Jan 3 15:15:30 EST 2001

Very easy, and without burning your fingers.

1. Crawl under car in the morning, after first coffee, cold car.
2. Remove cold filter over drain pan, noting that a 6 month old Amsoil
filter still holds oil gallery full overnight.
3. Replace with new oversized Amsoil filter, 66% larger volume than
stock....PDF-15, I believe.
4. Add one quart of Amsoil 0W-30.

Total time, 3 minutes.

Time for your second cuppa joe.

> One question, how can you replace the oil filter while leaving the oil
> inside the engine? Isn't the oil gonna spill out when you take off the
> filter?
> Martin
> On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, Kaklikian, Gary wrote:
> > and maintain the proper oil flow. Replacing the filter every 5k miles is
> > good idea even if you leave the oil in longer.  But 25k miles? -- maybe
> >
> > Gary Kaklikian
> > 86 4ktq
> > 92 S4

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