CGT tranny problems

Craig D. Niederst niederst at
Wed Jan 3 21:44:43 EST 2001

Thanks for all of the suggestions on what to look for. I confirmed that the
CV joints were OK and master cylinder fluid levels were OK, so I think the
problem is with the tranny itself or the clutch (or its master or slave
cylinder). I had a '89 Nissan Maxima back in my pre-Audi days, and it
exhibited similar (although I did not let it get to this point) symptoms
which were remedied by a new clutch, which is what made me think the clutch
itself right off the bat. I drove the CGT a bit on my street, and noticed if
I am fully stopped, and put my foot on the brake, I can put the car in gear
and let out the clutch and the car will not stall, but I do feel a "slight"
engagement . With the clutch pedal fully out and in gear, I can move, but
the car just revs, and I cannot get over 10 mph. Clutch action is not any
different than it was before, which I would think odd if it was a master or
slave cyl problem. I found the slave cylinder on the top of the tranny, and
the bleeder is rust-welded into the housing, so I could not try to bleed the
system. Any good way to verify if the master and slaves are good without
removing them? Someone mentioned that the CGT clutches were very robust, and
they essentially last forever. Anyone out there ever need to replace a CGT
clutch? What mileage did it go? I am going to try to get the car back into
the garage tomorrow and get it up on stands to have a better look at the
underside of the tranny to see the shift linkage, etc to make sure they are

'92 100S (90k)
'86 CGT (195k)

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> Looks like the clutch is gone on the '86 CGT. My brother, who drives the
> car, reports that car would not move when put in gear and clutch was let
> out. Strangely enough, he had the car out last night, and everything was
> fine. I tried to move the car just a few minutes ago, and he is right, the
> car basically does not go when the clutch is depressed. It does move
> slightly, but basically just revs when given gas, so not enough to be
> driven. The only symptoms of a problem in the recent weeks was the basic
> total loss of reverse (I posted on this before, basically you put the car
> reverse, let out the clutch, and the car immediately pops out of reverse.
> This problem has been there for months, but it has gotten noticeably worse
> in the past few weeks), and a slight, occasional grinding (maybe 1 in 10
> shifts) going from 2nd to 3rd. Besides that, the tranny has been OK. I
> no record of the clutch ever being changed on this car (now has 195k on
> so thats why I say clutch. Any other items that could cause this type of
> problem? I see the clutch slave on the top of the tranny, could a bad one
> these cause this (I thought the clutch was mechanical, not hydraulic?)?
> difficult would a clutch replacement be on a CGT? Is pulling the tranny a
> DIY job for someone without a pit/lift? I would need to be able to
> the job for a couple of hundred bucks (i.e. price of parts), since thats
> my brother can afford, so taking it to a shop who would want probably
> or more for the job is out of the question. Any advice is appreciated.
> Craig
> '92 100S (90k)
> '86 CGT (195k)

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