Audi 90/V6 question

Ti Kan ti at
Wed Jan 3 19:05:07 EST 2001

Carl Jarrett writes:
> In the Audi 90, the V6 is a 2.8 liter correct? If it is, how similar to
> the A4 2.8 is it? Can the PES Supercharger be fitted? Just curious. Im
> STILL selling my car so I can get a 90..

The 2.8 V6 in the 93-95 Audi 90 is essentially the same as those in the
96-97 Audi A4.  These are the 12-valve units, although there are detail
changes in the A4 version, such as different ECU with OBDII, and various
other sundry improvements over the production years.  The 98 and later
A4 2.8 V6 engines are different as they are 30-valve.

Perusing the PES website ( ) I only find a
supercharger kit for the 30-valve engines.

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