Another A-6 panic

Ti Kan ti at
Wed Jan 3 22:10:13 EST 2001

A24k4x4 at writes:
> Our 96 A-6 has developed yet another odd feature.  On startup it has 3 times 
> now had dashes across the outside temp reading.  Not a bad thing except the 
> turn signals don't work and I am not sure what else at this point.  To get 
> rid of it or make it work proper.  I will turn off the car and restart.  What 
> causes this?

Nothing to panic about...
The outside temp gauge not reading correctly could simply be a defective
temperature sensor.  No big deal.  Just replace when you want.
Turn signals don't work?  Does the hazard flasher work?  If so then maybe
the steering wheel column switch is not making contact.  If the hazard
doesn't work either, then maybe the turn signal relay is kaput.  All these
are not big problems.  Easily replaced by a mechanic.

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