mileage estimates, real world, coupe GT and 4000csq?

edkellock at edkellock at
Wed Jan 3 23:54:20 EST 2001

Highway mileage on earlier Coupes would be better
due to gearing.

I'm getting about 19 mostly city, not stop and go, but
short trips with 5-10 minutes idle warm-up before.
Also, my car is running really rich due to some malady 
which I've not pursued as of yet.  With this cold weather
I have little motivation to do so because it runs so well 
right now.  When the weather warms, it's a bitch to start
but that doesn't happen much lately.

I have seen 30 mpg highway, but not for years.


On Wed, 3 Jan 2001 23:43:18 EST C1J1Miller at writes:
> What are people getting on average for their:
> coupe GT
> 4000csq 
> highway versus city?
> Did the earlier coupe get better mileage?
> Thanks, Chris Miller, c1j1miller at
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