Is a CGT a good choice for a rally car?

Kwattro at Kwattro at
Thu Jan 4 10:23:36 EST 2001

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<<   Any particular year that is better than
 another in the CGT (other than the 87.5... i know about that being the best
 of the CGT)?

I wouldn't do it - too long of a wheelbase and very neutral handeling - not 
good for rally.  Too front heavy, compared to the 4KQ.  I'd go with a GTi, if 
that's what you were looking at.  The GT works well on the track, but in 
traction limited situations, it probably wouldn't fare as well as a similarly 
powered, similarly weighted GTi due to balance.  Then again, some of my best 
runs in the car were in the rain at the track....


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