Boston lister check a car?

Robert Deis rdeis at
Thu Jan 4 09:58:39 EST 2001

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, joel nevin wrote:
> Yes as Huw points out this would help, to tell us
> location and  Some specifics that we might
> buy it....I mean check it out for you. J/K ;0)

Well, considering that its an auction, 2k miles away from me, and I have
another 2 months before I turely need this car, I prolly won't win it
anyway. My bid would have to be low enough to account for shipping and/or
a plane ticket.

My wife doesn't like the tan interior much anyway... q-;

If it goes above $1500, I'm out anyway, and I'd hate to see a nice 5kTQw
go to a non-lister. But if the bid is that low, and it's me, be nice!

Here's what I know:

I've emailed for more info, but haven't heard back yet.  The owner appears
to be a dealer that rotates his stock through ebay from time to time. He's
done it with a couple of other cars.

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