winter fun

Nick Stuart thecolony at
Wed Jan 10 15:07:03 EST 2001

Hey, the list is actually up again!! YA!
Anyways I just wanted to share my first winter experiences with a Quattro to
drive. I can't believe how much fun and how well these cars handle in the
winter time. With the last couple of storms we have had up here in Maine I
have had just taking my car out on the roads at about 11:00pm and just
driving in the snow. What an experience to be able to do that with no worry
of getting stuck!
I have also had great pleasure recently in finding big empty parking lots
and having some fun in them. One of my friends was amused when we were doing
some e-brake slides/power turns and cookies with a 4 wheel drive car. It was
also his first time riding in my car and was impressed with the power that
it had (5000cs tq 1.8 w/g spring).

Well I guess that's it for now. Just wanted share my enjoyment. Glad to see
the list is up and running again!

Nick Stuart
'87 5000cs tq

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