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If the tires aren't flat spotted too bad and you want to try and save them, 
you can have them shaved.  There aren't too many places that do this anymore 
but some of the tire places that sell and service racing tires still do this. 
I saved a set of fairly expensive tire on my 91 2c which became scalloped 
because of too much toe in due to worn rear tie rods.  The tires had a 
terrible howl and I was going to toss them anyway, so I had nothing to loose. 
We shaved them until the irregularities were gone, I'd guess we took off 
about 4/32.  Once they were shaved, we went to balance them and we didn't 
need any weights (except for one rim which had some slight damage). Evidently 
the tires were now true with the rims there was no concentricity issues.  I 
have since run the tires for ~20K miles and they look like they will last at 
least one more summer.  I wouldn't waste my time with an old set of tires but 
my tires were almost new.  
Jan Lahtonen

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