SOS....4KQ Chin Spoiler Needed!

Ricky H. radmethod at
Thu Jan 11 00:34:11 EST 2001

Anyone who has a 4KQ chin spoiler name a price! I'm willing to pay, I need 
one, desperatly.  I recently had an incounter with a really bad honda driver 
(hate them) and I have some front end damage on the front lower bumper, and 
I have decided to fix it only in conjunction to the addition of a Chin 
Spoiler like Blau makes, or exactly similar.  Thanks, I got lots 'o cash.  
Email me, set a price, I need one!

-Rick Heinlein
1987 4000CS Quattro w/super suspension
"The Audi 4000CS Quattro... a suspension so over built that Audi never built 
it again!"

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